Terms & Conditions


We try to provide a private, peaceful and comfortable environment so you can just relax and enjoy your visit.
To do this we need to make some rules and we hope these are easy and allow everyone to have a good time with us so, we have small print for your protection. If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, or indeed anything about Weymouth, please email us at denise.groves@aaranhouse.com and we will try and answer to the best of our abilities.


Due to a recent incident caused by an irresponsible and thoughtless guest, we find it necessary to add these extra terms and conditions – effective as of 30th May 2018

  1. We can only accept a maximum of 2 persons per room. Regardless of anything booking.com may indicate after the fact, the contract with booking.com is for bookings with a max of 2 persons per room and any arrivals with extra persons will be deemed a breach of contract and the booking will not be honoured. The guests will be turned away at the door without refund.
  2. We only accept children above 5 years of age. Again, a notification from booking.com after the fact is a breach of contract and the booking will not be honoured. The guests will be turned away at the door without refund.
  3. Any guest arriving with an infectious or notifiable disease will be turned away at the door without refund. If illness arises before arrival, guests should claim on their travel insurance to obtain compensation. Aaran Guesthouse cannot accept any risk of contagion affecting staff, guests or their relatives and friends, laundry staff, cleaners and so on.

General Conditions

All guests are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions when the booking is made. We request that online agents include this statement in their booking conditions.

During their stay, guests can enter and leave without restriction on hours, providing other guests will not be disturbed. Each guest has the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. Sorry, we have no facilities for severely disabled persons, children under 5 years, or pets

Aaran House operates a strict non-smoking and non-vaping policy for your comfort and safety.

Left property is kept for 3 weeks then disposed of. Guests may pay to have their left property forwarded to them.
Meals can be eaten in the dining room at any time but never in the bedrooms

Any damage however caused must be paid for – at replacement cost and we will use retained data for credit or debit cards to do this. This includes breakages, loss, staining or smoke contamination (see section on “No Smoking”). We reserve the right to make charges for such loss and/or damage without notice. We request online agents include this requirement  in their booking conditions.

Any costs involved in recovering monies and debts owed to Aaran House will be added to the total debt. We operate according to all applicable UK laws and regulations as far as practicable.


Weymouth is a small town and parking spaces are limited. There are fairly large public car parks at The Pavilion, The Swannery, Beach+Lodmoor and Melcombe Regis, plus a Park-and-Ride a few miles out of town.           (see the Dorset for you {Councils} website for a map and details )

We advise out guests to contact us so we can advise on parking and traffic conditions around Aaran Guesthouse. We have a small “slip road” in front where your luggage can be unloaded.

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise guests take out suitable travel insurance to adequately protect against financial loss due to cancellation, delay, accident or other mishap – however caused.

Bookings and Cancellations

  • Cancellation conditions are prone to change by online booking agents.
  • Room reservations are contracts and you are bound by the applicable Terms and Conditions. The onus is on you to check these carefully BEFORE confirming the booking, whether online, by phone or in person.
  • Please ensure your payment details are correct and you have sufficient funds available.
  • If your credit card cannot be validated in 24 hours then the room will be re-sold.
  • Prepayment – We normally take full payment up to 30 days prior to your arrival. Deposits (first night’s payment) may be taken at any time after you book.
  • If you book by phone or in person instead of online, your deposit (first night’s payment) will be refundable, up to 30 days prior to arrival. Less than 30 days before arrival, cancellation is charged at the full rate for the stay.
  • For all online bookings, cancellation less than 30 days prior to arrival – payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellation must be made through the Online booking agant.
  • For booking.com bookings, you will lose at least 70% of your total cost if you cancel
  • You MUST check all details BEFORE booking online, because cancellation later WILL cost you money.
  • You may use a “virtual credit card”, which means you have to pay the agent (e.g. Booking.com). For refunds in such cases, you have to contact the booking agent (Not us!)
  • Other booking agents (e.g. Expedia) operate different payment and cancellation practices. In all cases, you should first contact the booking agent to discuss cancellations and/or refunds (Not us!).
  • “No-show” incurs full charge for the booking – NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Bookings made by email are considered binding, as are phone, online, postal or personal applications The person making the booking must be over 18 and have authority to act for the persons requiring accommodation
  • Aaran House is a private bed and breakfast guest house and is our home – we reserve the right to cancel bookings according to circumstance  If we have to cancel your booking, we will try to find equivalent accommodation close by or refund your payment.
  • We will not accept liability for additional costs you may incur, (for example travel, loss of salary or insurance) We advise you to take out insurance to cover your losses in the event you or we have to cancel your booking.

Check in / Check out

Check-in is after 1 pm but before 6 p.m. unless pre-arranged. Arrive too late and you will not get in.
Check-out is by 10 am
Guests staying later than 11 a.m. (or leaving unattended luggage) may be asked to pay for an extra day’s stay.

We can prepare your room earlier, if required, by prior arrangement but this depends on previous guests departure We can accommodate drop-off of luggage at other times, by arrangement

During their stay, guests can enter and leave without restriction on hours, providing other guests will not be disturbed

Telephone calls are accepted between 10 am and 6 pm
Calls made outside these hours will not be accepted

No Smoking

No Smoking

No Smoking

No Vaping

No Vaping

Any guest caught smoking or vaping on the premises will be asked to leave immediately at full booking cost – NO refund.
All guests are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions when the booking is made.
No smoking, no vaping and no takeaway meals allowed in any of the rooms.
Smoking or vaping out of the windows is not permitted

Any staining or damage to bedding or property caused by smoke or takeaways will be charged for £100 Specialist cleaning charge will be applied if you smoke in the room or out the window. Other damage to room furniture, bedding or fitments etc. – will be charged for (replacement cost)

You may be held personally liable for all costs attributable to your smoking, including any private actions brought by fellow guests as a result of their personal or property loss caused by fire, smoke damage, abruption of holiday, insurance claims (etc).

Tampering with the smoke alarms may cause a false alarm and call-out of the Fire Brigade. Tampering with smoke alarms and fire safety equipment is a criminal offence and you will be reported.

Early / Late arrivals

Contractors and long-stay visitors are welcome (check availability and prices on 01305 766669)

We advise guests to phone us on the day of arrival to let us know when you expect to be here. If you think you will be more than two hours later than this time, you must phone and update us or you may not be able to gain entry.


Breakfasts are free and do not form an identified part of the cost of your room.

Early breakfasts (before 8:30 am) by prior arrangement only, may be possible, depending on other guests preferences. Normally dual sittings are not possible. If you have special dietary requirements, we need to know and confirm with you 48 hours in advance so we can go shopping for special items.


Please note, we do not advertise wifi, either free or paid. This means wifi is NOT a service item associated with your booking and if you attempt to connect via wifi while in Aaran House, we are not responsible for any connection or speed issues you may experience. Several nearby establishments provide free wifi hotspots and “The Cloud”  If you do connect via wifi at Aaran House, we are not liable for any mishaps, such as incidence of malware or damage or corruption of device or data or loss of any kind. If you want wifi, please ask us while you are here.

Privacy and Miscellaneous

Aaran House is a private bed and breakfast guest house and our home, therefore all areas are private. Guests must seek permission for visitors in their rooms (this is mainly for Fire Safety reasons). Guests must not enter our domestic residential areas downstairs (for safety, security and privacy reasons).
Any attempt to force entry via the front door or elsewhere in the property will be treated as forcible entry and police will be called immediately.
The lounge is NOT a “public area” and no form of media, equipment, recording or any other device capable of transmitting, performing or in any other way “broadcasting” music, film, recorded materials or TV is available to guests or for use by guests or operated for guests, anywhere that might conceivably be defined as a “public area”.
Aaran House has an absolute policy operating since 14th December 2007 to refuse any and all renewing/rolling/ deemed/ subscription contracts and makes this clear to all contacting organisations. Any attempt to manipulate a “one-off” transaction into a repeating transaction will be treated as deliberate fraud and will be reported to appropriate authorities. Any misrepresentation, misleading sales or attempted mis-selling will be reported similarly
All abusive, threatening or potentially fraudulent calls/letters/emails are reported to appropriate authorities as a matter of absolute policy.


Please close the glass door (business threshold) every time for your protection and the sake of fellow guests. Please do not force the doors – they should operate smoothly and easily – if not, ring the reception bell so we can fix it.

We cannot accept any mail for guests or visitors – Only mail intended for Aaran House will be accepted.

Aaran House is a member of the Weymouth Guesthouse Hoteliers and Leaseholders association www.whgla.org.uk


Quality Statement

Aaran House is one of only 3 guesthouses on Weymouth sea-front in the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme and
probably the only one to be awarded ‘Welcome Jurassic Host’ (excellence) by Southwest Tourism.
We also hold food safety and hygiene awards (silver).

Aaran House was rated “3 Star” by Southwest Tourism for 13 years but we have continually improved our standards since pulling out of the scheme in 2011 (basically, it cost over £300 and we got no bookings through it).

We are one of the number of “modern” guesthouses in Weymouth: we regularly renew beds, carpets, redecorate and invest in the business every year. Membership of the local hoteliers association (WHGLA) requires certain levels of quality be maintained and demonstrable. Aaran House was a committee member of WHGLA for 7 years.

We hope our continued commitment to quality and service is reflected in our guests enjoyment of their stay with us.


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