RNLI George Lacy

RNLI George Lacy – new Shannon Class lifeboat – visits Weymouth

The Shannon, which has a top speed of 25 knots, replaces the station’s current 17-knot Mersey class lifeboat. The announcement coincides with the 20th anniversary of Swanage’s current lifeboat starting service. The Mersey class Robert Charles Brown was officially placed on service on 12 June 1992. The £1.5m Shannon Class vessel at Swanage will be principally funded by a generous legacy left by Mr George Lacy for use by the RNLI on the Dorset coast.

RNLB Goerge Thomas Lacy preparing to leave Weymouth Harbour

Preparing to leave Weymouth

RNLB George Thomas Lacy turning about

Coming about in Weymouth Harbour

RNLB George Thomas Lacy alongside Weymouth's lifeboat

Passing by Weymouth’s lifeboat

The new lifeboat features twin water jets instead of conventional propellers, allowing it to operate in shallow waters and be highly manoeuvrable – giving the crew greater control when alongside other craft and in confined waters. The water jets also reduce the risk of damage to the lifeboat during launch and recovery, or when intentionally beached. It will be the first RNLI all-weather lifeboat to run on water jets instead of propellers. She has been undergoing pre-commission training for 4 days, since arriving in Swanage. Aaran Guesthouse wishes to thank everyone involved in RNLI all the best and a huge thank you for all you do for those at risk in British waters.
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