On 1st May, we visited Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre near Weymouth (well, if feels closer to Weymouth than Wareham which is the official address!) The weather started sunny but changed during the day. However, despite the usual perception that the primates “go to ground” in wet or cold weather, we still saw many species and spent almost the whole day, pretty much in rapture. We took a few photos but the fencing interfered with auto-focusing and there were strong reflections on the glass viewpoints – nothing to hamper normal vision but we did not realise how these factors compromise photography. A prepared photographer would easily capture some amazing pictures.

There were several reasonably-priced cafes and plenty of seats around the park. The Missus used a mobility scooter and this is definitely recommended for those with “wonky” knees. The staff are all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Monkey World is deservedly in the Top Five destinations to visit in Dorset (after Weymouth, of course!)

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