Tomorrow and Thursday (27th/28th July 2016), the “Dunkirk” Movie, starring, among others, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Harry Stiles, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden, Tom Hardy – will be filming right behind Aaran Guesthouse, along Custom House Quay. We understand there has been quite a bit of filming already elsewhere (battle and evacuation scenes in Dunkirk, rail scenes nearby in Swanage, and so on.


Dunkirk Movie warships moving into position for night scenes (including Harry Styles) – behind @AaranHouse

Obviously, the set (formerly “ours” to wander freely) has been closed off to the public but – the sky did not fall, we did not descend into cannibalism and all our guests managed to find a parking space! – So not too bad, overall!

Wednesday, filming appeared to consist of 3 scenes (missed two of these, on the Pontoon Staging and the “Car” scene along the road, but captured a few moments with my shaky camera (see below). We think the dialogue scene on the boat was with Jack Lowden and Aneurin Barnard (apologies if we are wrong). Filming was interrupted briefly due to an errant yacht (Spirit of Worcester) followed by what appeared to be an animated phone conversation (possibly with the Harbourmaster) by a WB Exec. (we think).

About 100 fans gathered at the end of the Esplanade, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars and all were fairly well-behaved (apart from the inevitably bored toddlers who transformed into evil ‘flower-tramplers’ after the first 10 minutes waiting around (up to 15 hours!), allegedly costing an extra £2500 approx. in unscheduled man-hours, more crowd barriers, security supervision and material costs). The council had only planted up last week!

We look forward to the general release of the film (21st July 2017) and hope to spot our guesthouse as backdrop to a couple of scenes. It has been fun and we can fully understand why “Hollywood” would want to spend time in our gorgeous, scenic, historic and welcoming seaside town.

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