New Tamar-Class Lifeboat visits Weymouth on way to Pembrokeshire


Image captured from BBC-Online News

The new Tamar-Class vessel, worth £2.7 million, has been in Poole during crew familiarisation training and is now on its way to Pembrokeshire, where it will be moored, awaiting construction of a Lifeboat Station. Just as with RNLB George Thomas Lacy recently commissioned to Swanage, this new Lifeboat has been fited with all the latest equipment for improved safety, ruggedness and performance. Best of luck to all who sail in her.

New Tamar-Class Lifeboat Norah Wortley in Weymouth Harbour

Taken 10 yards from Aaran House in Weymouth, Monday morning, 18th April 2016, stopping off between Poole and Pembrokeshire

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