Green Statement

While there may be discussion surrounding the facts and theories of human activities causing global climate warming, there is no doubt that saving energy and minimising waste makes good economic and ecologic sense. Aaran Guest House is committed to improving our Green Awareness credentials and taking action to reduce waste and energy costs wherever possible and reasonable, consistent with your seaside holiday enjoyment.

Policy Statement

ѫ Aaran Guest House is committed to minimising waste and energy loss, consistent with providing the best possible B&B experience for our guests during their holiday with us

ѫ We will embrace actions to achieve these aims and replace inefficient equipment and methods as soon as reasonable

ѫ We will endeavour to improve our knowledge and practice of Green Awareness principles and seek to communicate Green Awareness to our guests and through our website

We are carrying out these activities in connection with the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme and the Dorset and New Forest Tourism Partnership.
Awarded to Aaran House Hotel for demonstrating high standards of operation, customer service and commitment to the values of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage SiteAaran House Hotel has successfully completed training with Jurassic Coast and Dorset New Forest PartnershipWelcome on a plate 2008

You can contact us with comments and suggestions via email at –

Reducing energy usage

ѫ Fluorescent, compact fluorescent and low-energy lights are used throughout the owner’s accommodation areas. The entrance hallway uses compact fluorescent lamps and there are compact capsule lamps in the lounge and dining room. Safety and intermittent usage considerations mean the emergency luminaires, the stairway lights, shaving lights and external lighting are unchanged (as yet). The stairwell lights are on delay-timer switches and some room lights are being changed to compact fluorescents.

ѫ The central heating system is controlled via thermostatic radiator valves and is switched via a timer (to reduce heating cycles during the day when the guests are normally out). Some of the radiators have been replaced with higher efficiency units and the boiler has been replaced in November 2013 for a more efficient unit. We turn radiators off when guests leave (also some guests do this for us).

ѫ A number of alterations may not currently be permitted because the building has listed status (Grade II*), including sun-pipe (for the upper stairwell), solar panels, double-glazing, wall and roof insulation. For example, a window (if permitted) at the top of the stairwell would (during daylight hours) enable reduced electric lighting and improve visibility and safety in that area but planning permission was ruled “unlikely” at the last time of asking.

ѫ Major appliances have been replaced with “A” rated equipment and we now switch most below-stairs appliances off completely, rather than leaving them on standby. We have noted some guests follow our example and also switch off TV’s completely rather than leaving them on standby.

ѫ We usually only serve full cooked breakfast from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m., to reduce heating energy requirements. This also helps to minimise food wastage that might otherwise be incurred from multiple sittings.
Reducing water usage

ѫ At present, Aaran House has an un-metered supply, in common with many guesthouses, due to financial constraints. We hope that our guests will co-operate in trying to reduce their water consumption, including not requiring towels to be laundered excessively frequently and moderating their use of shower/bath facilities.

ѫ Unfortunately, we have no space to start rainwater- or grey-water collection and reuse.

Local purchasing and reducing carbon footprint due to transport

ѫ Most of our food, cleaning (etc) supplies are purchased within walking distance.
ѫ Otherwise, we rely on our suppliers being carbon-aware (e.g. local source, multi-drop-off).
ѫ Several of our breakfast items are locally sourced and we use recycled goods where practicable (e.g. micro-fibre cloths, tissues, etc). Our personal petrol consumption has dropped by over 90% since 2008 and we have disposed of one vehicle and swapped the other for a low-CO2 more economical alternative in 2013.

Minimising waste

ѫ We use a Council-approved large wheelie bin for waste and have it taken by authorised agent under annual waste transfer note, according to Duty of Care Regulations and as directed by Environmental Health authorities. We reuse packaging (eg plastic bags) where possible. We would welcome any initiative to further reduce packaging waste.

ѫWe recently introduced glass water bottles instead of single-use plastic and most rooms now have glasses rather than plastic cups.

ѫ We like to offer a hearty breakfast and offer a selection from the available menu, hopefully avoiding waste as far as possible. Food waste is separated as far as practicable, into Council-approved brown bin.
Wildlife and Landscape
ѫ Weymouth is blessed to have 2 RSPB reserves within easy walking distance. A number of unusual, even rare, species can be seen (eg. Cetti’s Warbler, Bittern, breeding Marsh Harriers, as well as otters, Nathusius’ Pipistrelle, etc) and expert advice is available from the RSPB Staff, as well as guided walks, observation hides etc. Portland Island is one of the main jumping-off points for migratory birds, also being home to numerous wild flowers. At Studland Bay, we are fortunate to have a site of international scientific importance with a population of sea-horses. Meanwhile, local waters afford a very wide range of fish and other marine species.

ѫ The Jurassic Coast is a tremendous asset, right on our doorstep, with many features and attractions to explore (e.g. Durdle Door, Cliffs, Chesil Beach, fossil grounds and Lyme Regis bay, Kimmeridge, pirate coves/Portland, Abbotsbury tropical gardens and Swannery).

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Contact Information

Aaran House
2 The Esplanade
Dorset DT4 8EA

Telephone: 01305 766669

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve our ecological impact and your Holiday
If you have any comments please email

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Comments – please feel free to email your suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint

Owner’s comments –
1. We have replaced a number of incandescent light fittings and bulbs wherever possible with long-life compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. We would comment that it probably pays to shop around for products intended to provide environmental consideration in terms of lower power usage or alternative materials (etc) to ensure they are robust and long-lived, to avoid undermining their green benefits.

2. As an example of packaging waste, when we came to replace our 4th (unreliable) vacuum cleaner 2010, we were confronted with about 1 kilo of packaging materials, occupying 1 cubic metre of space and consisting of 17 packaging items and different materials (limited reuse or recycling potential). We would welcome any initiatives on “smart” packaging from our supplier companies

3. We offer some bookings on a room-only basis, which reduces costs to the customer as well as our usage of electricity, gas, water, waste removal, time and effort. However, we find the majority of persons booking “room-only” immediately enquire about breakfast when they arrive – which somewhat defeats the purpose (as well as imposing unfair costs on us!) We do not know how to prevent this subversion of our product offering.

4. We tried LED lighting, initially in our private area – The lights started burning out in 3 weeks so now junked

5. We reported absurd excess and mostly unrecyclable packaging on a pair of door handles we recently purchased from a major hardware chain to Journal of Engineering Technology (printed in issue : 9 (4) May 2014,

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