26Apr 2017

Just a short drive from Weymouth lies Lulworth Cove, an amazing display of nature’s power to change and shape our landscape. The coast road takes you to Winfrith, where you turn right into the little village, where a tiny stream runs alongside the road and out into glorious rolling countryside and quiet roads, bordered by […]

04Apr 2017

It has been a busy few weeks in Weymouth Harbour. We have not been around to catch everything, but we did see a couple of Tall Ships (Royalist and Roald Amundsen), a Navy Patrol Patrol vessel (Vigilant), the sailors’ pontoons being returned to the Harbourside and a few yachts (we missed the interesting fishing vessels […]

26Mar 2017

About 6pm tonight (26th March 2017), Royal Navy patrol vessel Vigilant popped into Weymouth Harbour and moored up just behind Aaran Guesthouse. Vigilant (IMO9276353) is  43m law enforcement vessel with call sign ZITI4, gross weight 423 tonnes, built in 2003, previous known position “Liverpool”. When you come to Weymouth you may be surprised just how […]

14Mar 2017

The sailing vessel Roald Amundsen sailed into Weymouth Harbour a couple of days ago. Currently, she is moored up in the customs holding “quarantine” area, so it is difficult to get a good photo – we hope she will be moved further down the Harbour soon and we will try to get a better view. […]

09Mar 2017

After weeks of hard work and preparation, “fettling” ironwork, painting and remediating bilges and below decks, replacing and repairing deck timbers, checking rigging and pulley blocks (etc), Pelican of London has set sail from Weymouth Harbour today, heading for Sharpness, ETA midday tomorrow. THe Harbour seems somehow empty without her – but we are sure […]

25Feb 2017

This year, the Weymouth Half Marathon is on 12th March, starting from the Monument on the Esplanade and finishing just 50 yards from Aaran Guesthouse, at the Pavilion Theatre. There is expected to be 1500 runners, split equally between men and ladies, ranging up to 80 years in age, with a relay option (6.9 + […]

22Feb 2017

Trip Advisor has announced that Weymouth Beach has been voted the best in the UK by travellers. This news has been reported all over social media and locally in the Dorset Echo (and now it’s our turn!) The award reflects the continuing Blue Flag status which the beach enjoys, plus numerous features and attractions – […]

16Feb 2017

The third series of Broadchurch is back on ITV on Monday 27th February 2017. We are not sure when filming starts but if you want to get in on the action then perhaps staying here in Weymouth makes a great plan! In the morning, enjoy a leisurely breakfast here at Aaran Guesthouse, followed by a […]

01Jan 2017

Below are just a few quick snaps of guests and friends from Aaran Guesthouse setting out into the 3rd biggest Fancy Dress Party in Europe. Thousands of locals and visitors dress up every year and fill the streets (and Pubs!) with dancing and merriment of all kinds – Not to be missed!  (Apologies for fuzzy […]

26Dec 2016

We tried to get a few photos of this year’s Christmas Day Harbour Swim. This year, there were over 300 competitors, split into 6 races, starting with “Silver” and “Gold” categories for more accomplished swimmers. Last year, the event was watched by over 500 people and raised £11,000 for charity. We would have taken more […]

20Dec 2016

The annual Christmas Santa Fun Run – “Chase the Pudding” was introduced by Mayor Richard Kosior and Dame Trott (currently appearing as Jack and the Beanstalk at the Pavilion).. There was a warm up session before the race and the new “Chase the Elf” race for younger Santas. A drone captured some action shots. All […]

15Dec 2016

Weymouth is a small but beautiful seaside town, with stunning scenery, fascinating history, arguably the sunniest climate in the UK and a friendly welcome for everyone. Weymouth is rated one of the very best holiday destinations in Britain, with a superb beach, safe bathing, good pubs and restaurants and plenty to see and do for […]

14Nov 2016

Fans of Tall Ships will have been enjoying the sight of TS Royalist and TS Pelican both moored up in Weymouth Harbour, just yards from Aaran Guesthouse. We understand TS Royalist departs tomorrow – judging by the night-time activity, it may be early in the morning. TS Royalist is a 34m steel-hull Brig, launched in […]

07Nov 2016

We popped out to the front doorstep to snap a few images from Bonfire Night on the Beach. About 10,000 people attended and, for once, the weather was clear and dry! There was a Guy Fawkes competition, drawn by Mayor Richard Kosior, won by 11-year-olds, Lily Wilks and Willow Blundell. As ever, Aaran Guesthouse was […]

30Oct 2016

(Please note, the below refers to online posts and blogs and our interpretations may not be comprehensive nor completely accurate – The reader should make up their own mind) We recently noticed a surge of posts on the phenomenal growth in the scope, overwhelming online presence and incidence of hotelier and customer complaints against the main […]

16Oct 2016

This year, there were 303 competitors in the annual Beach Motocross event, organised by the Weymouth Lions Club. After early rain, the day brightened up to brilliant sunshine and a brilliant day of racing!  Our room 1 had been occupied by one of the race marshals, so we thought it would be an opportunity to […]

09Oct 2016

A little film showing some more Kite Surfing here in Weymouth. We walked across the road and there it was, pretty much directly in front and almost within touching distance, like most of the events and activities in Weymouth.

05Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew is currently spinning winds out towards the UK and Weymouth is a little bit breezy today. We have seen up to 8 kite surfers, a drysuit swimmer (in deep water) and a jet ski fan – “jumping” the waves near the old pleasure pier, just a short walk from Aaran Guesthouse. It was […]

17Sep 2016

Ray Lee presents ‘Chorus’ a s part of the b-side festival progress during 2016. ‘Chorus’ is an art installation made up of large mobile sculptures with rotating loudspeakers to “emit circles of light and hypnotic sounds”. This large sound and light installation is co-presented by both b-side (#bside festival) and Activate (#Insideout Dorset Festival). The characteristic “swirling” […]

11Sep 2016

Today, we have seen the Iron Man ||Triathlon return to sunny Weymouth. The event involves over 3,000 competitors, split into the 70.3 “half-marathon” group, full 140.6 mile Triathlon, teams, relay teams, pro, amateur, men’s, women’s and over 31’s groups. The swimming section started at 7 a.m. from Bowleaze Cove, heading out into the Bay and […]

22Aug 2016

(Information from weareweymouth.co.uk/waterfest,  @waterfestwey, #waterfestweymouth) This year’s Waterfest Weymouth promises to be even bigger and better than last year, with more historic vessels, more exhibits and demonstrations, sailing trips, seafood, live music and more – and all of it just a few yards from Aaran Guesthouse (@AaranHouse   #aaranguesthouse). Among the attractions and events are : […]

18Aug 2016

This year’s Weymouth Carnival started on the evening of the 16th, with a torchlight parade alongside the Esplanade, from the Cenotaph towards the “Boat” Café on the beach. Hundreds took part, paying £5 each, with £1 going to Weldmar Hospicecare and the remainder going to a range of other charities. Carnival Day itself, started sunny, […]

08Aug 2016

For quite a few weeks now, The Excelsior has been moored directly behind Aaran Guesthouse (in place of the Tall Ship Pelican of London). Like The Pelican, The Excelsior is a Training Ship, operated in this case by Cirdan Sailing Trust, to allow disadvantaged young people to experience training under sail. Built in 1921 in […]

07Aug 2016

The below is actually slightly out of date, now. With the “rolling average system” that Booking.com uses, our score now fluctuates between 8.9 and 9.0. Aaran Guesthouse reached 200 reviews in late July, but the rolling tally is currently 191 reviews over the previous 2 years. We think our actual total reviews is nearer to 205 […]

30Jul 2016

Once again, the RAF International Beach Volleyball Tournament comes to Weymouth Beach, just 50 yards in front of Aaran Guesthouse. We are in the perfect spot, yet again – If you get tired standing, you can come in and sit down to watch, all with tea and coffee on hand in your room.

26Jul 2016

Tomorrow and Thursday (27th/28th July 2016), the “Dunkirk” Movie, starring, among others, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Harry Stiles, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden, Tom Hardy – will be filming right behind Aaran Guesthouse, along Custom House Quay. We understand there has been quite a bit of filming already elsewhere (battle and evacuation scenes in Dunkirk, rail scenes nearby in Swanage, […]